Cast Iron Socket and Spigot Pressure Pipes (C.I. S & S Pipes) (IS:1536) “KDUPL” Brand

Kapilansh Dhatu Udyog Pvt. Ltd. has a proven track record since 1989 in manufacturing of centrifugally cast iron pipes for water, gas, plumbing & sewage and is also known as C.I. S & S pipes. Our present manufacturing range is from 80 mm to 400 mm. Our pipes are as per IS:1536:2001 marked.

C.I. S & S pipes are great carriers of water for irrigation, drinking & industrial purposes, sludge, brines & liquid in chemical industries, crude & refined oil, ash handling and plumbing.

Now why C.I. S & S pipes are better than compared to other types of pipes? It is because they are able to withstand pressure, resistant to corrosion, non-absorbant, higher flow capacity, easy handling & laying, zero maintenance cost, inherent toughness, higher tensile strength, firm & easy jointing, machinability and more economical. This is the reason C.I. S & S pipes and especially those manufactured by Kapilansh Dhatu Udyog Pvt. Ltd. rule the roost.

We apply scientific measures in our manufacturing process to check that raw material is quality approved and is mixed as prescribed composition. Every pipe is hydrostatically tested at a pressure higher than the rated pressure.

Special aspects of our products owing to process properties are homogenous grain structure, uniform thickness, smooth surface and, convenience for cutting, drilling and machining at the site.

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