Cast Iron Earthing Pipes (Kapitrode™)

As the talk goes around in the electrode industry, “Rusted earthing is like a fractured bone. You will realize the defect only when you feel immense pain like i.e. electrical shock or leakage”.

Earthing is important when it comes to safety of human life and equipment. It finds its use in power generation, wind & solar energy, transmission & distribution, explosive magazines, heavy industries, telecommunication towers, generators and commercial & domestic housing applications.

In this offering our range of products include Kapitrode™ with G.I. clamp, Kapitrode™ with flange, Kapitrode™ with G.I. clamp & funnel and Kapitrode™ with cone. Apart from these products we also have accessories such as round and square earth pit covers (cast iron and ductile iron).

Advantages of Kapitrode™ over other normal earthing system are that it is

Durable & reliable

Excellent connectivity & conductivity

Excellent & uniform current dissipation

Less overall cost of ownership

Easy installation

Safety to human life & electrical system

Electrical resistivity of C.I. is 0.8 μΩ/mtrs.

Higher surface area of contact

Best in class corrosion resistance

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Earthing for lifelong safety