“Kapilansh Centrifugal” Cast Iron Soil Pipes and Fittings (IS:3989)

We manufacture Kapilansh centrifugal branded cast iron soil pipes fittings for discharge of soil & waste, rain water and ventilation. The superior quality assurance by Kapilansh Dhatu Udyog Pvt. Ltd. and strict control measures make sure that you get only the best piping for your drainage systems.


Speaking about the technical parameters of our cast iron soil pipes and fittings below are some of the features:

a) Metal grade: As per IS:210

b) Mechanical properties
Tensile strength: 180 MPa for pipes and 150 MPa for fittings
Hardness: 230 HBS (Max)

c) Hydrostatic test: At a pressure of 0.07 MPa

d) Hammer test: Clear ringing sound when struck with light hand held hammer

e) Coating test: At a temperature of 65o C for flow and at 0O C for chip off

f) Dimensional check-up: Conforming to tolerances specified in standard specification

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Our products have the following advantages:

Assured quality as per the specifications

Superior corrosion resistance to soil, waste water and chemicals

Also superior atmospheric weathering and corrosion resistance

Low thermal expansion

High comprehensive strength and beam load bearing capacity

Smooth inner surfaces giving better flow characteristics

Environment friendly as fully recyclable

Better aesthetic look

Our pipes and fittings are economical and faster in fitment due to following reasons

Kapilansh centrifugal pipes are available in various lengths up to 3 meters thus reducing the number of joints

Being centrifugally cast these pipes are light and hence easy to erect

Superior normalizing process which reduces brittleness of pipes and hence less prone to breaking and cracking

No leakage problem. The centrifugal process imparts a very dense and homogenous grain structure reducing porosity- the cause of leakage. Hence your walls stay fungus and seepage free throughout the life time.